Automation with industrial robots

Increased consumption has left many manufacturers struggling to keep up with the demands of the changing post-pandemic industrial landscape. This market pressure, combined with high raw material prices and the labour crisis, is forcing producers to reassess their action plans and sales strategies. This raises the question of whether investment in advanced equipment and technology can optimise operations. For most companies, implementing advanced technologies, including automation with robots, is an optimal choice. Aligning the production flow with new technologies in robotics and peripheral equipment definitely contributes to speeding up production.

“Today, the growing interest in robot automation is the result of major robot manufacturers launching more affordable, flexible and intuitive models. Our team is ready to share with you its experience on a wide range of robotic solutions that have already proven to increase productivity, optimise part quality and retain the existing workforce” says Alexandru Stănică, Head of Robotics at NORMANDIA.

“Our role is to provide our customers in Romania with optimal solutions for every type of application and product. NORMANDIA’s robotics team is a young, dynamic team, able to meet the most demanding requests in terms of sale, installation and integration of industrial robots and automation. We adapt to ever-changing industrial requirements, offering both standard and customised solutions for each individual customer” adds Ciprian Drăguț, Commercial Director at NORMANDIA.

NORMANDIA Robotics Department engineers and technicians are trained in Germany at the Yaskawa Academy. The NORMANDIA team is made up of graduates of Master’s degrees in programming, service and maintenance. We continue to train new experts every year. NORMANDIA engineers and technicians are currently working together with Yaskawa on large projects whose final beneficiaries/customers are large automotive companies in Germany, Serbia and Austria. Thus, NORMANDIA’s training at the Yaskawa Academy is continuously complemented by on-the-job experience.

How do you start automating?

Have you recently identified robots and automation equipment that would suit your requirements? If you are involved in manufacturing, you have probably been fascinated by images and videos of automated assembly or packaging lines, robots welding, handling or performing other industrial automation. Perhaps you’ve even made some estimates about return on investment (ROI) and how automation could improve your operations.

The core elements in this technology course are automated lines, assisted in most cases by industrial robots. Industrial robot systems are intended to replace human labour in various operations (handling, welding, soldering, varnishing, etc.) and thus eliminate human errors, generating better efficiency in technological processes.

After the design and dimensioning of such a system, the assembly and installation of all related equipment will be carried out with great precision, in accordance with the plans, so that this equipment can be adapted according to changes that may occur during the course of the project.

These installations require a higher level of training and specific expertise in the field of industrial assembly, a field in which NORMANDIA has 3 decades of experience, a level that our company has perfected through its partnership with industrial robot manufacturer Yaskawa.

The more time you spend comparing robot arms or reading blogs and product descriptions online, the more you realise how complex automating a task could become.

Consider how many steps are involved in the manufacturing processes and the specifications the finished products need to meet. There are usually several ways to use robots and other automation equipment to accomplish them.

As an end user of automation equipment, you may be wondering which equipment is best (What equipment do I actually need? / How do I build it to do what I need? / Is it better to automate all process steps or just some of them?)

In fact, you only need to focus on the experience you already have: the steps of the manufacturing process, the production targets and the available resources (e.g. manpower, skills and budget). For the rest, you can rely on NORMANDIA’s team in integration, but also on robot manufacturer Yaskawa.

Our role and the customer’s role in the automation approach are generally different, but complementary and essential for building a system that suits the customer’s needs.

Step-by-step automation

First of all, we ask customers the following question: – “What is the application?” In other words, what do you want the equipment to perform?

Robot manufacturer YASKAWA offers solutions for an impressive variety of applications:

Next question: – “What are your automation goals?”

The NORMANDIA team is familiar with a wide range of equipment. We can explain the advantages and trade-offs of different types of equipment in relation to your specific application. Our experience can help you translate the process into what a machine can (or cannot) do, where the greatest efficiency gains lie, and which tasks might be better maintained as a manual operation.

Equally, customers should be aware that there is always a degree of customization involved in an automation project.

In general, robots and ancillary equipment will not be ready for operation as soon as they are delivered – as many systems involve ancillary equipment, programming, calibration, to get a fully functional system. In support of end users/customers, Yaskawa has launched the SMART SERIES of pre-configured robots that offer easy installation and out-of-the-box operation. They are specifically designed for customers who are looking for a quick and easy automation solution.

In addition, SMART SERIES gives you the guarantee that all components are compatible for plug & play installation.

By building a long-term relationship with the NORMANDIA team, you will benefit from ongoing technical support, expert advice, technical support, maintenance, repairs and spare parts.

What does robot manufacturer Yaskawa offer?

Supplier Yaskawa offers innovative solutions with benefits such as:

  • Full range of supported payloads, sizes and types of industrial and collaborative robots,
  • Dedicated solutions for all types of applications,
  • Compact robotic systems,
  • Integrated vision systems,
  • State-of-the-art controllers, compatible with the entire range of Yaskawa industrial robots,
  • Innovative technologies (Functional Safety Unit, Torque Sensor, Force Limiting Function, Power Limit Function, Pusback Function),
  • Fast synchronisation with external spindles and many other benefits, which you can learn directly from our team.

What does NORMANDIA offer?

All the benefits of Yaskawa’s solutions combine perfectly with

NORMANDIA’s comprehensive industrial services:

  • NORMANDIA’s experts offer you expert advice to choose together the best robot automation solutions, focusing on both the need for automation and cost control;
  • Determine the type of application for which an industrial robot is chosen;
  • Establishing the working environment (dusty environment, environment with human interaction, clean environment, explosive environment, etc.);
  • Define the operations to be performed by the robot;
  • Determination of the workload, composed of the weight of the work object and the weight of the tool (tool can be: gripper, welding device, cutting device, painting head, etc.);
  • Defining the space required;
  • Propose a robot model appropriate to the application;
  • Calculate the yield in replacing human operations, define process times required/per click and determine the return on investment.
  • 2D and 3D mechanical process design;
  • Establishing technological steps;
  • Kinematic simulation in a virtual environment;
  • Building sensor infrastructure and additional equipment.
  • Following the processes outlined above, a first solution will be built that will meet the customer’s requirements. NORMANDIA, as sole distributor of Yaskawa manufacturer in Romania will offer you the best price.
  • At this stage, the installed equipment will be put into operation. This is followed by commissioning of the robotic systems.
  • Regular checks and interventions to ensure the proper functioning of existing robots.
  • Technical support is provided by phone, online or on-site. For faults that cannot be remedied on site, the robot will be sent for service where major repairs will be carried out (diagnosis, service sheet, cleaning, disassembly/assembly, greasing, testing, calibration etc).



With more than 500,000 robots sold, Yaskawa is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial robots and automation. Founded in 1915, Yaskawa has continuously expanded internationally with leading-edge know-how and manufacturing expertise from Asia to Europe.

The European Robotics Division – Yaskawa Europe GmbH – has decided to strengthen its position in Eastern Europe by signing a contract with NORMANDIA in 2020.

NORMANDIA has thus become Yaskawa’s sole distributor in Romania.



NORMANDIA is Yaskawa’s sole distributor in Romania. This partnership is essential to meet the demands of the robotics and automation sector in Romania.

NORMANDIA is a provider of industrial services and solutions established in Brasov in 1992. We have a continuous industrial activity of almost 3 decades and offer the following services:

  • Industrial process automation;
  • Sale, installation and commissioning of robotic lines;
  • Assembly of equipment;
  • Electrical installations (industrial and civil), HVAC installations;
  • Maintenance and transfer services of industrial equipment;

NORMANDIA has been present on the industrial market for almost 3 decades and offers skills, services and solutions for any type of product or application, whatever the industry.

NORMANDIA is currently working with leading globally recognised equipment manufacturers in the automotive, food, logistics etc. Our role is to develop new partnerships to improve the productivity of our beneficiaries and to help them keep up with new trends.



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