Our client is a family-owned German company supplying machines, lines and services to handicraft bakeries, large bakeries and industrial producers of fresh and frozen bakery products.


Mechanical assembly, electrical connection and commissioning of a production line.


Normandia team installed a production line designed for the industrial bakery, composed of one module for dough sheet production (Multiline) and another for pastry make-up (Easyline), in a factory of Kitzingen district, Germany.

The line is designed for continuous dough sheet production on highest level, high product variety by specialized, easy-to-use accessories, accurate weights during and after sheeting and quick and easy handling due to intuitive operating concept and the option of storing programs.

Normandia technicians manufactured the electrical panels and performed the connection of the entire line to electricity. Normandia also insured the commissioning and the first tests in the factory.

In the following months, our technicians reinstalled the same type of the line in a factory located in Romania.

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