We are pleased to announce our partnership with the team of MIWE. With MIWE, Normandia has the opportunity to apply its vast experience in the equipment installation designed for industrial bakery.

Rooted in the heart of a vibrant baking culture, MIWE Michael Wenz GmbH creates and manufactures original German products and technology that are known beyond the borders of Germany and Europe for their quality and innovation. Present in every corner of the earth with foreign subsidiaries and an important dealer and service network spanning all across the globe, MIWE has been pursuing since 1919 to help customers achieve better baked goods and better business with innovative products, technological know-how and first-class advice.

MIWE innovation and NORMANDIA experience met together in Vienna, Austria at a local baker, where the teams focused on the mechanical equipment installation.

Equipment installation

We are looking forward to collaborating with MIWE, in terms of exchanging new ideas and taking next steps in the field.

We hope that the partnership will be mutually beneficial and, of course, we are excited to use our knowledge  and apply our expertise in the industrial bakery.

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The equipment installation in the food industry, mainly in the industrial bakery field, are already a tradition for Normandia. Our first projects in this industry were launched in 2011 and primarily continue today as the equipment installation works lie in front of the works categories performed by Normandia.

Normandia technicians acquired the experience and the necessary competence to accept any challenge in industrial equipment installation whether it is about machines, lines and equipment installation, or an entire unit production installation.


Contact us  for further information about this project, on our website or at the phone number of our Sales Department: https://www.normandia.ro/english/contact


You are invited to discover details about our major projects in industrial equipment installation on: https://www.normandia.ro/english/equipment-installation-for-bakery-industry-hoppegarten-germany