Intelligent way to use robots

Robots are one of the best investment in industry, for the production output increase, the time quality improvement, the production process increase, by the use of robotic and automated systems.

At the same time, due to their long life span, the industrial robots are thoroughly exploited but ignored when it comes to their maintenance.

Preventive maintenance management

Industrial robots perform key tasks at different points of automated production. Stoppages for technical reasons can be reliably prevented – even when the manipulators and controllers have been in operation over many years, or even decades. The prerequisites for this are tailor-made maintenance strategies.



The purpose of preventive maintenance management is to reduce the likelihood of downtime or restricted functionality. In systems with industrial robots the likelihood of failure is directly related to the lifecycle of the robot. This can be substantially improved by preventive maintenance management.

From a long-term perspective, preventive maintenance management preserves the value of capital goods and provides input for long-term budgeting.

The NORMANDIA engineers trained at Yaskawa Academy and holders of the Master degree in Robotics provide support for the entire product life cycle with service products and support to fit any need.

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