Automation and robotics have today become mandatory requirements for efficient production.

There is a wide range of solutions already on the market, offering obvious and proven benefits in terms of efficiency, accuracy and especially flexibility and costs. Choosing the best team to install these robotic and automation solutions is just as wise!



That is why it is extremely important and necessary to know a specialist to give you all the comparative and clear aspects by which both the benefits of one robot compared to another and the skills of the team that installs them we can be assessed together.

NORMANDIA technicians, together with our experts and YASKAWA engineers participate in the assembly of several robotic production lines in Europe.


Recent NORMANDIA projects

Europe, quarter IV / 2020


Installation and commissioning of a production line – particulate filters for trucks

Line description:

  • 16 Yaskawa welding robots, equipped with Fronius and welding systems
  • 10 Yaskawa handling robots mounted vertically on the rail, with a running track of 40 m


Production line installation – scaffolding parts

Line description:

  • 9 Yaskawa welding robots
  • 5 Yaskawa handling robots (mounted on a suspended rail)
  • 6 Yaskawa testing robots

Normandy has reached the highest level of qualification and has gained a vast experience in the field of automation and robotics, design and engineering, programming and maintenance for robots, thanks to our partnership with YASKAWA, a globally recognized manufacturer of industrial robots.


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