Transfer and recommissioning of  a 70 ton MG1200 machine and a 46 ton Kehren machine

One of the most challenging and complex equipment relocation and recommissioning project that NORMANDIA carried out until present, was performed in a factory from Romania, for a partner in the automotive industry.

After several attempts to identify the emplacement of the machines to optimise the process and production in the segment, NORMANDIA team decided to make the replacement between the two  machines, MG1200 of 70 tons (the largest transferred by NORMANDIA until present) and Kehren of 46 tons.

In order to obtain the necessary space for the MG1200 machine operator, first we made possible the relocation of a third machine, Bertiez of 52 tons.


The project was challenging, because all activities were carried against time, the machines having a great importance in the production flow of expensive and essential parts. Our project execution schedule, built together with the beneficiary, shows all the steps to be performed by both teams. 14 NORMANDIA technicians were involved, in 2 teams, with 2 leaders.

The devices and equipment used included a set of rollers with a machine carrying capacity of up to 80 tons and very powerful hydraulic jacks.

In order to handle and transfer the masses with this type of tonnage, a very careful coordination of the technicians was essential, especially since the manoeuvring spaces were narrow, with many other cars located nearby and obstacles that had to be dismantled to create the space necessary for some machines with very large size to be moved. The passage was made along the corridor, with a 70-ton car, just a few mm from the side obstacles.


The project was complex, because in addition to our classic mechanical and electrical activities, it also involved coring activity of the concrete floor, for the manufacture of the 26 supporting  feet of the Kehren machine from a special mortar. Our team poured this mortar, made the formwork, following exactly the technical specifications of the manufacturer.

Putting these machines back into operation (recommissioning) was a new big challenge. Such machines are complex, after periods of interruption of operation and change of location, new parameterising activity of the equipment is required.

NORMANDIA team is ready to start similar projects any time.