YASKAWA robots: industrial automation solutions

If there’s one lesson that every business can take away from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that complacency is our biggest weakness. Too often, we’re stuck in the old ways of operating because of comfort and familiarity. Instead of embracing innovation and technology, we put it off because change is scary.

Now, change is inevitable. This virus has forced everyone to consider not only changing operational requirements, but also stringent health and safety measures. While many organisations have already incorporated robotic automation solutions into their operations, there will be many more to follow in the months and years ahead.


NORMANDIA offers YASKAWA industrial robotic systems which are considered industry-leading and cutting-edge solutions that cater for applications such as assembly and handling, welding and cutting, packaging and palletising, and painting and dispensing.


With various robotic arms available, depending on your reach specifications and required payloads, there’s a robotic solution tailored to meet your manufacturing needs. Additionally, each model is compatible with one or more robotic controllers, allowing you to program and control either single or multiple robots.


While there’s a plethora of technical information regarding the solutions and robotic series available on our website, most businesses want to know the tangible value – the sort of arguments that CFOs and CTOs want to hear before committing to new solutions.


Here are some of the biggest benefits of investing in industrial robotic automation solutions:

  • Reduction of costs. It might seem difficult to believe, but robotic solutions can trim down your operational costs in the long run. By streamlining processes and freeing up capacity, there’s the ability to remove any unnecessary and inflated expenditure. Robots can work longer and require minimal supervision, meaning that time is saved – and we all know time equals money.
  • Quality of output. The precision of robots cannot be understated. They’re capable of working to sub-millimetre accuracy, which is beyond the means of human workers or most equipment. More importantly, robots are programmed to execute their functions on an efficient, ongoing and reliable basis.
  • Increased productivity. Most businesses understand that automating a process leads to higher productivity. Robots have the ability to carry out tasks more efficiently and on a higher, more consistent scale than human beings. At the same time, they also free up time for the human workers to focus on other tasks in the organisation.
  • Flexibility. Robots are modular in design, allowing you to increase or decrease the number of them in operation. It’s particularly helpful when your business decreases its outputs – over the festive season as an example – and you can shut down robots that aren’t required to meet demand. Moreover, by swapping out the end-of-arm tooling, the robotic arm is capable of performing multiple functions – from magnetic-to vacuum to mechanical-type grippers.
  • Low maintenance. YASKAWA Motoman robots have been specifically designed with fewer parts and easier access, enabling operators to trace any potential faults quicker and reducing downtime. The life cycle of the robots is also considerably higher than other equipment, ensuring high rates of consistent productivity and minimum maintenance throughout their lifespan.
  • Health and safety. There are numerous functions in manufacturing plants that are considered hazardous to human workers. For instance, spot welding is dangerous due to the fumes, sparks and the extremely heavy welding gun. Similarly, palletising is risky business because the heavy products could collapse on individuals if they aren’t properly stacked in the correct pattern. As a result, many of these functions are best suited to robots, removing any likely threats to the human workers’ health and safety.
(Source: Yaskawa South Africa)

Due to the industrial robotic automation solutions of YASKAWA and unmatched expertise of NORMANDIA engineers, we become a trusted partner to many industries throughout the years.

We provide a wide range of YASKAWA flexible robotics, specialised software and tooling to enable businesses to customise for speed, safety, accuracy and maximum productivity.